SHIFT – May 2023

The psychological benefits of commuting that remote work doesn’t provide

For most American workers who commute, the trip to and from the office takes nearly one full hour a day — 26 minutes each way on average, with 7.7% of workers spending two hours or more on the road.

Many people think of commuting as a chore and a waste of time. However, during the remote work surge resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, some people have reported missing their commutes. A recently published study argues that commutes are a source of “liminal space” — a time free of both home and work roles that provides an opportunity to recover from work and mentally switch gears to home.

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The Conversation Closing the sustainability skills gap

A recent study conducted by Microsoft and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) focused on the need to equip companies and employees with a broad range of new skills that are in demand for climate adaptation and sustainability transformation. The study identified new jobs that have emerged as well as the impact on many existing jobs. As companies move to create and fill these jobs, they are confronting a huge sustainability skills gap.

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How to make AI work in your organization

As the world continues to embrace the transformative power of artificial intelligence, businesses of all sizes must find ways to effectively integrate this technology into their daily operations, according to Forbes. But successfully implementing AI can be a challenging task that requires strategic planning, adequate resources, and a commitment to innovation. The Forbes article explores the top strategies for making AI work in your organization so you can maximize its potential.

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Combating meeting fatigue

Researchers at working with experts at UNC Charlotte published a study of 632 workers representing 20 different industries who said clearly that they are sick of unnecessary meetings. The workers said everyone seems to know the meetings cost time and money and accomplish little, but nobody seems to talk about not meeting.

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