SHIFT – March 2023

Where does hiring stand this year?

Chris Forman, the founder and CEO of Appcast, offered his view on what’s going on in the economy that’s causing the labor market to act the way it is and proposed strategies to deal with current trends in recruiting. Forman maintains that the participation rate in the labor force is now really high and that demand for workers is also really high. At the same time inflation has gone up, the stock market has gone down and the housing market has contracted. So, he says, we’re in an unusual situation where there is a downturn in the economy with a huge demand for workers and not enough workers to go around.

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Navigating the end of jobs

The concept of the job — a predefined set of functional responsibilities assigned to a particular worker — is so ingrained in how organizations operate that it’s hard to imagine any other way of managing work and workers. According to a recent study by Deloitte, however, many leaders are recognizing that this traditional construct is failing to serve our boundaryless world. The study revealed that only 19% of business executives and 23% of workers say work is best structured through jobs. As a result, a growing number of organizations are beginning to imagine work outside of the job — turning workforce management on its head by increasingly basing work and workforce decisions on skills — not formal job definitions, titles or degrees.

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Nine most common business problems

Tony Robbins, founder, chairman and CEO of Salesforce as well as an author and coach, observes that every business experiences problems, regardless of your industry, business size or the phase of the business cycle you are in. If your business is stagnant, you feel stuck or you’re not experiencing the growth you desire, he advises that you should be on the lookout for these nine common business problems.

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Ten best diversity and inclusion trends in 2023

Vantage Circle, which provides employee engagement, recognition and wellness platforms to its customers, looked into the significant factors they see as determining upcoming and ongoing D&I trends for 2023. Their report notes that companies have to rethink, update and revamp their diversity and inclusion strategies and initiatives to create an equal and inclusive workspace, where employees feel appreciated and valued. This will push company growth and help them be on the right side of history. Jump to Article >>