SHIFT – April 2024

Trending Topics in the World of Work

Our April issue of SHIFT considers complications the 2024 election may bring to the workplace; explains a US labour board rule on contract and franchise workers; highlights emerging business intelligence trends; and reports on Microsoft’s latest moves on the AI front.

Managers can’t escape politics in the workplace in the 2024 election year

Politics often makes for fraught office situations. With the presidential primaries in progress and the November general election quickly approaching, employers have already started bracing for a divisive election that will almost certainly impact their workforce. As reported by Yahoo Finance, dozens of executives and workplace experts Fortune spoke with say that business leaders should devise a policy rooted in the company’s values sooner rather than later. Waiting until election season is in full swing to figure out what to say to workers is the wrong move.

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Judge blocks US labour board rule on contract and franchise workers

A federal judge in Texas has struck down a U.S. National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) rule that would treat many companies as employers of certain contract and franchise workers and require them to bargain with unions representing them, according to a report by Reuters. U.S. District Judge J. Campbell Barker agreed with the challengers to the “joint employers” rule, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, that it is too broad and violates federal labour law.

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Future of Business Intelligence

The world of business intelligence (BI) is giving rise to a future where data unfolds with fresh perspectives and unexplored potential. It’s no longer just a question of whether you need business analytics, but rather, how to find the best BI solution tailored to specific needs. By staying up to date with emerging trends, you’ll ensure your BI solution continues to provide the most value to your business. The article from ThoughtSpot provides more details about these trends and highlights additional business intelligence trends you can expect to see going forward.

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Microsoft Hires Influential AI Figure to Head up Consumer AI Business

In more news on the AI front from US News & World Report, Microsoft has hired Mustafa Suleyman to head up its consumer artificial intelligence business, adding to its ranks an influential figure to cement its position at the forefront of the booming AI industry. Suleyman, co-founder of AI research lab DeepMind, will become CEO of Microsoft AI, leading all of the company’s consumer AI products and research, including its generative AI service Copilot as well as its Bing search engine and Edge browser.

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