Outplacement Program Overview

Our outplacement services are designed to address, in detail, the essential knowledge an executive newly entering the market will need to possess in order to maximise their opportunities.

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This 12-week programme, is a tailored bespoke solution, created to support senior executive talent through critical role transitions reflective of their experience, skills, and aspirations. The executive hiring process can be complex in nature. The support provided through this program will be focused on developing an executive’s network, providing realistic and honest assessments of where to focus their marketing efforts, and sharing guidance to sharpen confidence and hone interview skills.

The three Phases

The outplacement programme includes three phases:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself by identifying your career skills, value, and limitations, and defining your intended outcomes. Includes personality profiling and assessments.
  • Consider role availability across self-employment, franchise, contracting, interim roles, and permanent employment.
  • Learn how recruitment works, including how to make the most of advertised selection, online recruitment, business networking sites, headhunters, and sector specialists.
  • Create a world-class CV and online presence.
  • Identify your strongest opportunities by targeting key decision makers, developing market intelligence, and network amongst your existing contacts.
  • Select your recruitment partners by learning what to expect from the industry and how to get the most out of your recruiter.
  • Learn self-marketing dos and don’ts, and build strategies to approach those most valuable in your search.
  • Create your own six-week action plan.
  • Track your six-week action plan by setting and monitoring clear objectives.
  • Receive interview mentorship to ensure you prepare effectively, present yourself positively, and ask questions that set you apart.
  • Learn how to negotiate the best full compensation package for you.

90-minute weekly meeting

Regular meetings to cover the preparation, action, and performance phases of the outplacement program.


Psychometric testing to uncover your unique personality traits and behavioral tendencies, to identify best suited roles.

Ongoing interview coaching

Pre-interview sessions to ensure you are prepared for each stage of the hiring process, and to debrief following all conversations.

We adapt our service delivery to the specific brief that you give us with a flexible blend of group and personal sessions. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the outplacement program will result in a new position; however, we believe that will be giving executives the best chance to find the most appropriate next step in their working lives.

12 Week Outplacement Program