How to handle Leadership Change in your Company.

Our last post had a New Year New Career theme and for many this can be a very exciting and defining time in their career as time they enter the new workplace to deliver on agreed goals and objectives.

But what happens if the shoe is on the other foot and instead of you leaving, it is your boss/manager who has left the building? Many people resist change and working with, or for a new leader will naturally bring a certain level of apprehension in the workplace.

Talent Partners have had countless calls over the years from concerned employees who have heard this news and it our belief that with challenge comes opportunities and here are some tips that will help you with this transition.

Be Yourself – Adapt to the new leadership but don’t change who you are. Leaders value authenticity and transparency. Show them your value and insights and build a collaborative relationship with them. Be who you are.

Observe & Listen – Don’t prejudge the new leader based on insights or feedback that may necessarily be true. Have an open mind and wait until you are working closely with them before passing judgment. Based on your experience and insights how can you help the business achieve these new objectives.

Expect & Accept Change – A new leader is oftentimes the first step in a change programme and there will be specific initiatives the business is looking to deliver on which could revenue, margins, efficiency or even headcount. Try and understand what the key drivers will are and what will success look like in delivering these key drivers. Do you have the growth mindset to adapt and deliver the required changes or will you be the one saying this is how we have always done it?

Re-evaluate your performance – Libraries are full of books on business leaders and sporting stars who continually evolved and improved to maximise their performance. Look at your own role; what can yo udo to improve performance in the business and how will this align with the company goals. It is always beneficial to share these thoughts with your manager to ensure theses efforts are focused in the right direction for the business.

While apprehension is a natural response to hearing about a new manager, the reality is that many positives emerge from new leadership. With the right perspective and proactiveness, a leadership change can often be a catalyst for you to accelerate your career advancement.