How I Secured a Full House: A Recruiter’s Winning Strategy

Three months ago, I found myself in a meeting with a client in the tech industry, facing a challenge that felt akin to playing a high-stakes poker game—except I don’t even play poker. My client needed to expand their team across Ireland and the UK, and they were counting on me to deliver the winning hand.

The client expressed their need for not just one, but multiple experienced software developers. They were clear: “Stephen, we definitely need another,” they said. “We would even take two more. Work your magic!” With the pressure on, I knew I had to deliver.

Here’s how I played my cards right and secured a full house of developers:

1. Research the Ideal Target Profile:

I started by conducting thorough research to identify the ideal target profile for the positions. Understanding the specific skills, qualifications, and experience required allowed me to narrow down the search and focus on finding the perfect candidates.

2. Develop a Shortlist and Outline Objectives:

Armed with valuable insights from my research, I meticulously curated a shortlist of potential candidates and outlined the objectives of each position. This ensured that I was not only presenting qualified candidates but also aligning their skills and expertise with the client’s needs and goals.

3. Present Best Candidates with Video Interviews:

Leveraging technology, I presented the best candidates to the client through video interviews. This allowed them to get a comprehensive sense of each candidate’s personality, communication skills, and suitability for the role, even before meeting them in person.

To my surprise and delight, my client wasn’t bluffing—they didn’t just hire one or two candidates, but all three. It was a full house of developers, and the impact was immediate:

  • More value was added to their existing team, with the new hires bringing fresh perspectives and expertise.
  • Significant savings were achieved on recruitment costs, as we were able to find the right candidates efficiently and effectively.
  • Thanks to the streamlined hiring process, more time was freed up to focus on improving business growth and achieving strategic objectives.

The lesson learned? When it comes to building a winning team, it’s essential to stop wasting resources on the wrong cards. Instead, partner with an expert who knows the game inside out and can deliver the perfect hand. With the right strategy and expertise, success is within reach.

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