Boomerang Candidates

What am I likely to get if I hire a Boomerang candidate?

Never go back. That chapter is closed, move on.

Advice that has been given to so many for so long. But every story has two sides and research from Dr. Virginia Stewart from the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School gives us some very interesting insights on this subject.

If you haven’t clicked on the link already here is a brief synoposis.

Boomerang candidates earn an average $10,000.00 a year more than their colleagues who have never left the company.

While Boomerang Employees don’t tend to outperform their colleagues, they are more satisfied and committed to the organisation.

The research also pointed out that the Boomerang candidate worked longer hours (not necessarily a good attribute) and had a stronger attachment to the company.

Why? The research indicated that the Boomerang Candidate had the opportunity to reset the relationship with their employer under more favourable terms. The act of rejoining allowed these boomerangs to negotiate a newer, better psychological contract with their employer.

By leaving the employment initially, the Boomerang candidate rejoined the company with their eyes open as to the reality of the job and the organisation. Their experience elsewhere gave them a better appreciation of the employer’s strengths.

A Boomerang candidate – an external candidate with internal experience – will this candidate be your next hire?

At Talent Partners, we have successfully recruited Boomerang Candidates for client companies and the experience to date has always been positive.