3 Ways Hiring Managers And Recruiters Can Work Together More Effectively

When trying to hire top talent, it’s crucial for hiring managers and recruiters to work together closely to ensure the people being interviewed have the skill sets needed for success and the most suitably qualified candidate is offered the job. In Ireland’s booming tech industry, people with the right skills and cultural fit are in great demand. To help ensure there’s a strong relationship between hiring managers and recruiters, here are three key tips we recommend you follow:

1. Communicate with your recruitment partner(s) constantly to find the best person with the right skills

To help you stay on top of the recruiting process and to ensure you have a strong pool of candidates with the proper skills for the tech position you’re hiring for, make sure you’re constantly speaking with your recruiter and understand the market dynamics.

For example, by setting aside specific time to talk each week, you can make sure that you’re on track to find the right candidate for your open roles. These conversations should be used to talk about any interviews conducted, candidate’s feedback, if the required skills or characteristics for the job have changed at all, or to discuss roadblocks in the hiring process.

2. Organise your process so nothing slips through the cracks

Along with constant communication, it’s crucial that hiring managers and recruiters are highly organised throughout the process. How? By putting together a comprehensive timeline for hiring, from crafting the job description, conducting phone screens, first-round interviews and in-person interviews as well as finalising an offer to the successful candidate that we know will be accepted.

Working with an agreed project plan means that not only will the hiring manager and recruiter find strong tech talent, but they will also ensure that no candidates lose interest in the opportunity because the process drags on too long or has no definite structure to it. Candidates give up valuable time to attend interviews and one of the worst things that can happen in today’s highly competitive marketplace is to lose a potential hire to a competitor who simply had their process more streamlined and efficient than yours and this won’t reflect well on the company when employer branding is a key differentiator.

3. Conduct research to ensure your hiring goals are in line with reality

Another piece of advice that’ll allow both the hiring manager and recruiter to work together better? Setting clear expectations in terms of what kind of person you want before you even begin the hiring process.

Similar to ensuring clear communication, you’ll want to build a strong pipeline of potential candidates for the role by crafting a job description that hits all the marks but has realistic expectations. Then, match this with the company’s business needs and the hiring manager can work with the recruiter in an organised, efficient manner to get the best tech talent around for your business.

Your recruitment partner is your talent scout in the marketplace and you want them to be able to pitch the benefits of your company (real and intangible) to the potential candidates they interact with on a daily basis.

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