Recruitment Tips to hire more effectively in 2019


Recruitment Tips to hire more effectively in 2019 

We are nearly at the end of the first month of 2019 and January  here at Talent Partners we have seen a very strong start to the year with a number of our clients strengthening their team with key management appointments. If want to hire the strongest candidates in Ireland’s booming tech industry, we’ve got you covered.

It’s no surprise that Ireland’s tech economy is poised for growth. In fact, a 2017 report found that the country has the fastest-growing tech worker population in Europe, beating the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and France.


To help you fill open tech roles at your business and to solidify a strong pipeline of candidates for the New Year, check out these five tips from Talent Partners:

1. Craft the job description that reflects the actual role


Too often candidates are given job descriptions that are a wish list of every skill imaginable for the role. Writing a strong job description that doesn’t leave any room to the imagination is crucial. After all, clarity is key to finding the right person for the job, especially in a technical role that requires a specific set of hard skills. Ways to accomplish include using a clear job title, speaking directly to the candidate in the description, describing tasks of the role, selling the job and your company.


2. Figure out what makes a top performer in your company


In the tech industry, strong performance is everything and can cost your company thousands of euro’s if a person simply fails to have the proper skills. On the flip side, your most effective employees likely share attributes that you can hire for as you search for strong candidates in 2019. For example, Forbes suggests you make lists of these qualities and build profiles to describe your company’s top performers. That way, you can easily their characteristics and screen for these hard skills for the tech candidates you interview in the coming months.


3. Use referrals to find the best candidates with a strong reputation


To make a strong tech industry hire at your business, first, simply ask your current employees to refer former co-workers or friends who they think could be a great fit for your company. After all, these individuals have already been vetted and can help your business succeed.

Plus, candidates who’ve been referred make stronger employees, according to LinkedIn. The site’s research found that referrals are not only a cheaper and more cost effective way to find candidates, but these hired employees also tend to be have lower turnover rates than others

4. Get feedback in a timely manner from those interviewing candidates


When you’re interviewing a strong candidate, especially in the tech industry, you never want to take too long. Therefore, implement processes to have the hiring team convene easily and with little delay. Candidate’s give up their time to attend interviews and they want feedback from the hiring company in a timely and professional manner. Even if you decide to reject a candidate, offering them feedback will keep them excited and interested in your company for the future.

5. Hire with diversity in mind


In 2019, hiring diverse candidates marks a key hiring trend for the tech industry in Ireland (and globally), according to the Irish Times. To back this up, a Deloitte study found that 69 percent of executives around the world considered this an important issue.


So, how do you build a diverse pipeline? Attend college job fairs with a diverse student body, get referrals from employees with this in mind and tap your businesses’ executives to promote inclusive values each and every day at the office.


6. This one goes without saying – contact Talent Partners @ +353 1 6873746.


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